An addictive game to illustrate Nike's brand promises.

Client /Nike

Agency /R/GA

Role /UX Design, Industrial Design, Production, Project Management.

To showcase Nike's new shoes' superior performance, we created “Find your Fast”, a highly engaging game in which participants challenge each other to be the fastest at running along a track.


Nike commissioned R/GA and I to build a stunt installation to demonstrate the superiority of its new shoes over competitors’ shoes.


We collaborated to create “Find your Fast”, a speed gate measuring the runner’s speed while running along a track with and without Nike’s new shoes.


Participants and passersby thoroughly enjoyed the experience, encouraging each other to beat the latest scores displayed on the screen.

This takeway token was simultaneously shared on social media, participating to a successful brand activation.

Whilst the experience was designed to be played twice by the same user (once with their own shoes and once with Nike’s new shoes), most participants were keen to run again to try to beat their own scores, immortalized on a branded ticket.