Hi. I'm Laura Pedroni.

Design Technologist, I blend the skills of
a Product Designer and a Front-End Developer.

This means I work on projects from the concept/strategy phase, up to testing ideas with users with design mockups or code prototypes, AND/OR code the front-end of production ready apps.

how I

Projects primarily led by strategic thinking, user research and a rigorous process.

how I

Projects primarily led by an artistic vision, anchored in the material processes that brought them to life.


I have worked in tech for 7+ years. In a past life, I ran a company creating bespoke interactive installations for advertising agencies, worldwide brands and London based design studios. I don't like spreadsheets and paperwork so much, so I dropped the CEO hat to focus on concept, user experience, prototyping and code on digital and tangible projects. I also spent a year and a half solely working on production ready React dev projects to make sure I was fluent in code.


Clients: Nike, Ray-Ban, Ubisoft, RBS, Sony, Autodesk, Fjord, Stinkdigital, Wonderland, Bacardi, Seeper, R/GA, BETC, Secret Cinema, Artangel, Waag Society

Let's work together

I'm always happy to chat about interesting ideas
and new collaborations.


Bring me in for

  • Pitchwork or projects
  • Ideas or concept development
  • Strategy - with user at the center
  • UX (digital or tangible)
  • Front-End prototyping in code
  • Front-End production ready code
    (I prefer coding with HTML / CSS / Javascript / React)