A multimedia device for Autistic children.

Client /Seeper

Role /UX Design, Industrial Design, Project Management

We built a multimedia device displaying interactive games to make learning for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder easier and more engaging.


Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder find difficult to focus on school’s activities, and teachers constantly look for ways to attract their attention while teaching them spatial, kinesthetic and social skills.


Having discovered that loud interactive experiences captivate the children, Seeper and I worked together to create Immersion, a multimedia device displaying interactive games for children at school.

Strong, engaging and easy to use, the wooden case accomodates the multiple devices (Speakers, Kinects, computer, fans, LED strips) needed to create a full theatrical experience. A single button allows teachers to start the entire device, and select the game to be played. Custom made LED strips shine on each side of the box to indicate to children where to stand depending of the game at play.