Hack the Art!

Client /Ubisoft

Agency /BETC

Role /Concept, UX, Industrial Design, 3D mockups

For Ubisoft launch of the game "Watch Dogs", we created an interactive installation that hardcore gamers, journalists and influencers could hack during the event.


For the launch of its new game in which gamers play the role of hackers, Ubisoft wanted to create a futuristic speakeasy with interactive art installations and games.

My company was tasked with inventing a playful installation within the theme of the event.


Inspired by hacker culture, Re_code can be recoded by the visitors. By changing the cable connexions between the cubes, the visitors change the colour, pulse and brightness of each cube. The playfulness of the interaction encourages them to take over the installation and try different combinations.

An additional degree of difficulty comes in if they try to replicate the light pattern shown on the tablet.